Horseman Website Latest Features

As new features are added to our Horseman Websites, we add them to our list of latest features. Unless specified in the description, these features are yours free of charge during your initial contract period.

Clinics Add-In11/20/2009

   This Add-in is focused on trainers and facilities owners. Are you a trainer that holds periodic clinics? Do you run a facility that has clinics at your venue? Add a page to your Horseman Website to advertise these clinics. The page will include a listing of all upcoming clinics with a calendar highlighting those happening in the next three months.

Photo Gallery09/24/2009

   Need a place on your website to show off all of those pictures of your farm, ranch, kids, dogs, etc. This add-in creates a new page on your website just for that purpose. With a simple administration form you can upload photos and start your own photo gallery in no time. See one in action on our demo site.

More backups03/11/2009

   Keeping your data safe is very important to us. Our current policy is to have the customer keep a complete and current copy of all material on the website as a backup (see Terms of Service section XV Data Integrity) which is still a good idea. But now we have implemented a new backup plan. This plan is in addition to the internal backups made by the hosting company.

   The new backup plan consists of two types of backups, automatic and manual. An autobackup process is run on your site every Monday morning at 3:00 am MST and is kept for up to four weeks. A manual backup of the site can be requested from your administration page or by email to BM Livestock Company. These backups are kept indefinitely with a maximum of four manual backups at any given time. In case of a disaster with your website, please contact us and we can restore a recent backup of your site.

Website Traffic Information01/16/2009

   This is an Add-in that is a valuable tool for all websites. Get day-by-day and month-by-month web traffic statistics from Webalizer accessible right from your administration site, including detailed descriptions of the statistics collected.

Stallion Showcase11/14/2008

   An Add-in now available to stallion owners. This gives more information about your beeding stallion to potential customers. Breed fees, contracts, fliers and other useful information are displayed on each stallion's page.

Training Page10/27/2008

   An Add-in page to advertise your training expertise. Let prospective clients know what type of training you offer, costs, etc. Get your name out there as a trainer in the horse industry.

Facilities Page10/02/2008

   Do you offer boarding and other facilities? By adding this plug-in to your Horseman Website, you can show off your accommodations with both pictures and descriptions of your facilities. Add a pricing table and let horses come to you.

Added Security Measures06/03/2008

   Our security team has spent quite a bit of time analyzing our Horseman Website code to ensure that our sites are as secure as possible.

Breeding Information04/07/2008

   If you are in the business of breeding, this new module will help you keep track of when it took place. Your website will reflect this information by indicating that your mare is in foal to the sire. Then when the foal is born, with one click of the mouse turn that 'breeding' into a new birth on your site with the pedigree information already available.

Multiple Registries03/27/2008

   This feature allows each horse to be registered with two different registries. Some examples are stallions that are registered AQHA and APHA or a horse registered AQHA and 100% NFQHA. Also with this update (1.0.2) there are new registries that are available (AHA, ABRA, NFQHA, FQRH, AMHA, and PHBA).

Security Updates03/24/2008

   Security of your sites and information is a number one priority of ours here at BM Livestock Company Software Division. We constantly revise our sites and security procedures to provide the best service to our customers. In this update we added some new security features to protect your site and all the information in it.

Full Resolution Photos03/04/2008

   Now by clicking on any photo on the website a window will popup with the full resolution photo inside. This allows users to see full res images without increasing page load times.

Stockyard Admin Page02/23/2008

   Update your website's Stockyard page with one simple form. This new form lists all available horses and allows the administrator to select which ones are for sale, sale price, which are sold and who they are sold to.

   Demo this capability by going to our Demo Site if you have a demo username. If you don't you can request one by going to our Site Demo page.

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