Horseman Website Pricing

Website PackagesPrice
Basic Horseman Website$500

   With the basic plan you get your choice of our pre-made templates customized to suit your needs. This includes selecting the color scheme and adding your brand or logo.

   This is a good option to get your foot in the door and a great way to get a web presence.

Custom Horseman Website$750

   The Custom Horseman Website is an expansion of the basic plan. You get the basic site options and then you work with one of our graphic designers to design the look and feel of your site.

   This is a great option to get you exactly what you want.

Basic Horseman Template Upgrade$200

   This upgrade is available for those who already have a Basic Horseman website and are ready to change the design of their website. This option allows you to select another template from our list of available templates.

   There are differing opinions on how often a website should be redesigned but a good rule of thumb is every 12 to 18 months. Here is a link to an article from that explains one point of view.

Custom Website Upgrade$250

   This upgrade is available for those who got their foot in the door with the Basic Horseman Website. This option allows you to work with one of our graphic designers to develop your own custom template for your website.

   This option is also available for those who chose the Custom Horseman Website to change the look and feel of their current website.

Add-in: Clinics - Optional$50

   This Add-in is focused on trainers and facilities owners. Are you a trainer that holds periodic clinics? Do you run a facility that has clinics at your venue? Add a page to your Horseman Website to advertise these clinics. The page will include a listing of all upcoming clinics with a calendar highlighting those happening in the next three months.

Add-in: Photo Gallery - Optional$50

   Need a place on your website to show off all of those pictures of your farm, ranch, kids, dogs, etc. This add-in creates a new page on your website just for that purpose. With a simple administration form you can upload photos and start your own photo gallery in no time.

Add-in: Show Records - Optional$50

   This add-in is a must for those of you who show your horses. This add-in inserts a display of the show results in the individual horse display. It also adds options to the administration tool to add, edit and delete show results.

Add-in: Breeding Records - Optional$50

   Attention all breeders, this add-in is a must. Keep and display breeding records for your breeding operation. Now each Stallion and Mare on your site will show Breeding Information and Offspring Information in their own sections. It also adds options to the administration tool to add, edit, delete and convert breedings. Once the foal is born you can easily convert the breeding into a birth and quickly add the new foal to your site with the click of a mouse button.

Add-in: Training Page - Optional$50

   Are you a horse trainer? Use our fully customizable training page to show off your services. Let the whole world know about your horse training expertise with text descriptions, pricing tables, and training photographs in this dedicated training page. This Add-in is essential for all trainers alike.

Add-in: Facilities Page - Optional$50

   There is no better way to advertise your facilities than adding a new page dedicated to just that. This Add-in allows for a fully customizable page that allows you to showcase your boarding facilities. Insert facilities descriptions, pricing tables and photos to entice customers to board their horses at your place. This Add-in is vital for all boarding facilities.

Add-in: Stallion Showcase - Optional$50

   This add-in gives more information about your beeding stallion to potential customers. Breed fees, contracts, fliers and other useful information are displayed on each stallion's page.

Add-in: Website Traffic Information - Optional$50

   This is an Add-in that is a valuable tool for all websites. Get day-by-day and month-by-month web traffic statistics from Webalizer accessible right from your administration site, including detailed descriptions of the statistics collected.

Add-in: Production Sale Page - Optional$50

   This Add-in is essential to all businesses that host horse sales. This page allows to you specify the time and date and other information about your upcoming sale. Pair this with our Sale Catalog Add-in for even more features.

Add-in: Sale Catalog - Optional$150/sale

   The sale catalog is a must for any horse sale. This Add-in allows you to create on-line and printable catalogs in PDF format, including a cover page, welcome message from you, sale schedule page, reference sire write-ups, sire and dam indices as well as lot information. Each lot will have an optional image, pedigree, date of birth, vital information and a text description. Adding sponsor pages is no problem at all.

Add-in: Custom Add-inContact Us

   Need a custom Add-in for your site? We can do that. Pricing can vary depending on complexity and requirements. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our Horseman Website product so if you have an idea for an Add-in that has general use and/or need, we'd be happy to hear about it. We can work together to develop it and you'll get it for free. That is our way of saying 'thanks' for your help. If it not, don't worry, we can still do it for you just let us know.

Monthly Hosting Fee - Required$8.50/month

   The fee is required for all sites. It pays for the space on the web server that hosts your website.

Professional Setup Fee - Optional$200

   We understand how busy you are and that is why this option is available. You provide us with copies of the registration papers of each horse, up to two photos, one video and descriptions then we add those to the database. Without this option once the site is designed and ready it is up to you to enter the content.

   The setup fee includes up to 15 horses. Contact us for a special price on additional horses.

Professional Administration per Month - Optional$15/month

   Professional administration is an extension of the professional setup. Every time you need any change made just call or email us with your change and we'll add it to your site. When you buy a new horse, we'll add it. When your mare has a foal, we'll add it.

   Professional setup is required for the administration option to be available. This professional administration is a per month fee for each set of 10 horses. 1-10 horses is $10 per month, 11-20 is $20 per month, etc.

Domain Registration - Optional*Contact Us

   Domain name registration is the simple process of securing a domain name (i.e. for use with your website. Due to the volatility in prices of domain name registration, we are unable to quote an exact price. Contact us for the current cost of registration.

   * - All websites must have a domain name. It is only optional as to where you get yours, through us or on your own, either way a domain name is required.

Other ServicesPrice
Video Preparation$40/hour

   Not all videos are internet ready. Horseman Websites currently support only MPEG and Windows Media formatted videos. Size is also a big concern, compressing length, resolution and quality are very important. Your customers don't want to wait forever to watch a video clip, don't make them. We can create internet ready videos for you from your DVD, VHS and other digital medium videos. Contact us for a price quote.

Logo Design$75

   If you don't have a logo or need a new one, have one of our graphic designers create one for you. You'll get the original files so you can create business cards, letterhead, or have it embroidered on a jacket.

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